Escape Rooms

You’re locked in for up to an hour, in a race against time you must work together and search for clues to help you escape.

Great fun for families and friends. Suitable for all ages.

Room 1

Estate Agents

Room 2

Auto Shop

Price list

Minimum 2 players

‌2 Players – £20.00 each

3 Players – £19.00 each

4 Players – £17.50 each

5 Players – £15.00 each

6 Players – £15.00 each

Bookings must be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Any online bookings made with short notice may be cancelled at any time.

Full Payment at time of booking.

No Refunds given.

Children under 12 years old to be accompanied by an adult.

Book Online or Call 01536 414004