Track & Trace
To support Government guidelines one person from each booking will be asked to register details on our Track and Trace system before entering our centre. This will be in the way of contact name address and phone number your data will be kept safe and secure for 21 days. Should you have any questions please speak with a member of staff on arrival.

Please do not visit if unwell
For the safety of all our customers and staff, we must advise that should you not be feeling well or have recently been exposed to anyone who has shown symptoms of COVID-19, to not visit our bowling alley.


Sanitisation of balls and lane area
All of our bowling balls, keypads and surfaces of our lane area will be sanitised by our staff prior to each booking. Each of these lane areas will be sanitised after every customer has finished their game/s prior to a new customer going onto that lane.

Sanitiser stations
We have a Sanitising station at the entrance into our centre, which all customers are encouraged to use. There are further stations located in the arcade area, bar area, pool lounge, adventure golf entrance / exit and outside the entrance / exit to the toilets. Sanitiser dispensers are also on every pair of lanes.

Lane capacity
We are only opening with a maximum of 6 people to a lane and only every other lane will be used to ensure we keep you safe and within Social Distancing ruling. You will need to be attending with persons living in the same household or from the mixed household bubble as per government guidelines. We would recommend that all customers book their bowling online to avoid disappointment.

We have installed screens at the reception till point to ensure the safety of you and our staff. Screens have been installed between bench seating on the lanes.

Additional cleaning of high touch point areas
Toilets, touchscreens, work surfaces, tables, chairs and door handles are among some of the places that our teams will be vigorously and routinely cleaning throughout the day.

Guidance on Pool tables
We will follow the guidelines of the Government regarding Social Distancing. If a pool table is not able to meet these guidelines it will have an “out of order” sign on it. All cues, balls and other high hand contact items will be cleaned at the start of each day and cleaned after every use. Please use sanitiser station in pool lounge on entry and exit of the area.

Guidance of Arcade area
We will follow the guidelines of the Government regarding Social Distancing. If an arcade machine is not able to meet these guidelines it will be turned off. All high hand-contact items will be cleaned at the start of each day and regularly cleaned throughout the day. Please use the sanitiser stations positioned in the arcade area. Gloves are available on request.

Guidance on Adventure Golf
All equipment will be cleaned between customers. Please socially distance when on the course by allowing at least one golf hole empty between you and the players in front. Gloves can be provided if required.

Spacing of furniture
We have strategically spaced all our eating and drinking areas to adhere to Social Distancing measures. Tables will have out of use stickers to enable safe distancing in the eating and drinking areas.

Preferable Contactless Payments
To remain as contact-free as possible, we would prefer all transactions to be cashless. You are still able to use cash at all till points. Please book online where possible or call the centre on 01536 414004 to book out golf or pool tables.

Wear your own shoes
Please refrain from wearing open toes, heels or wedges.

Easy clean menus
We will be providing laminated menus, which will be cleaned between each booking. These menus will include clear steps on the correct way to place an order.

Staff Personal Protection
Our staff will be wearing protective face shields and have the option to wear a face-covering if they wish. They will communicate with each other by radio to reduce the need to stand together for any length of time. Daily health check assessments will be made by our staff to ensure they are in the best health to serve you.

Guidance on Social Distancing measures
We are closely listening to advice from the Government and are strictly adhering to all social distancing guidelines. The guidance at this stage is 1 metre plus if applicable measures are in place. It is the responsibility of adults to ensure that anybody within their group who is under the age of 18 adheres to Social Distancing rules. Face masks are required to be worn while in the centre except for when eating or drinking.


In addition to regular and vigorous cleaning of all areas we will be using Zoono on many of our surfaces This product lasts for up to 30 days to protect against bacteria and viruses amongst other There will be dated certificates to inform you what area has been fogged and at what date. Please refer to the website Zoono UK for more detailed information.